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At Greens Produce our fruit and vegetables start as seedlings in fields, orchards, and farms all around the world. Once they are ready, they are harvested, packaged, and shipped here to London.

Whether bright courgette flowers from Holland, crisp apples from Italy, a variety of sweet and spicy peppers from Spain, or the best fine beans all the way from Kenya;

We personally choose each box of produce to guarantee quality and freshness as well as other specifications you may require

In our warehouse, our employees at Greens Produce pack our customer’s orders individually, all the while carefully monitoring the quality of our produce. At a time that best suits our customers, we send out the produce with our drivers. We keep a large variety of commonly purchased produce in our stock, and in addition to daily orders, second deliveries can be made before 10am if our customers need anything extra.

From here our produce is in the hands of you, our customer. At your restaurants, bars, offices, schools, or inns you can be at ease knowing that your customers and staff are receiving the very best.

With Greens Produce we ensure that you receive the best, and only the best, all the way from the field to your plate.